Powerful refrigeration by name brand compressors. 
16L effective sterilizing cabinet 
16L effective refrigerator 
Unique water softening technology to prevent crystal from sedimentation. 
Touch type function button,curve type tap. 
Material quality equal to imported food,very clean.

Lukewarm type(K),Electronic refrigeration(D),   
Refrigeration by compressors(L)   

Rated voltage/Frequency:

220V/110V/50Hz/60Hz 220V/110V/50Hz/60H 220V/110V/50Hz/60H
Heating Power:Refrigeration Power: 550W/100W 550W/100W 550W/100W
Capacity of producting Hot Water: ≥90℃ 5L/h ≥90℃ 5L/h ≥90℃ 5L/h
Capacity of producting Cold Water: ≤10℃ 2L/h ≤10℃ 2L/h ≤10℃ 2L/h
Type of Anti-Electric-Shock Protection: I I I
Temperature Range: 10℃-38℃ 10℃-38℃ 10℃-38℃
Pack Size: 35*32.5*99cm 35*32.5*99cm 33.5*34.5*65cm
Qty: 1Pcs 1Pcs 1Pcs
N.W/G.W: 15.5/17Kgs 15.5/17Kgs 15.5/17Kgs
20 Ft Qty(Pcs) 238 238 238
40 FT Qty(Pcs) 476 476 476
40H Q(Pcs) 476 476 476